Inspired by Zen and informed by five decades of  wayfaring and spiritual seeking, my Positive Path books are full of short meditations on topics relevant to all our lives. Each meditation is accompanied by a photo from my world travels (or by one of my paintings), as well as an inspirational quote from a historical figure. There is nothing esoteric here, only the encouragement to live a happy and grateful life centered around health, humility and personal responsibility.

a positive path

Books I and II Scheduled to be available in 2018 on Itunes, Kindle, and more

In our bustling daily lives, mindfulness often fall by the wayside. With our unrelenting mountain of responsibilities and commitments, we find ourselves too busy to accommodate an acceptable amount of mental and physical fitness. We choose to fully participate in contemporary civilization, which for most of us means being perpetually time-poor, our hours filled with endless (and too often unnecessary) tasks that divert our attention from meditation practice and physical fitness—two things that are essential to our self-enrichment. Instead of setting aside a sliver of time each day to focus on our well-being, we remain distracted by all sort of stimuli which fail to ultimately make us happier or healthier. 

It is never too early or late to increase the amount of light in our lives. If we are to bring about an enduring peace outside of ourselves, to navigate and remedy the Earth’s complex issues with harmony and unanimity, we must initially establish an inner peace. 

Today is a gift. We have only this day, along with the promise that it holds. Tomorrow is still a long way away. Right now, this minute, it is time to step forward—positively.  


a positive path II

If we are not happy or successful in the ways we wish to be, we must blame ourselves above all others.  Instead of wasting time and energy making excuses, we have no choice but to look directly in the mirror and understand how life is rewarding us or penalizing us based on our past personal choices and actions.

Blaming bad outcomes in life on anyone or anything other than ourselves holds minimal benefits; it makes it extremely difficult to fix what is broken, to confront the wrong choices we have made and to take responsibility for those choices. 

There are a number of ways that life could have turned out up to this point. However, life is what it is now because of who we have been. Our current reality simply reflects our inner thoughts and external actions.  And therefore the burden for dealing with any negative circumstances now falls to us, and only us. From today, we will do our best to confront the uncomfortable realities in our life head on, to be wholly accountable for our present circumstances.

every day mindfulness


My first book, titled Every Day Mindfulness, was self-published in 2006. The book was enthusiastically received, as sales were recorded in 20 different countries; however, I opted to eventually halt its distribution due to editorial inconsistencies and stylistic dissonances that neither adequately conveyed my convictions nor accurately reflected my capabilities as a writer.