Throughout the years I wrote extensively about business technology for several publications and publishing houses—authoring hundreds of articles for Information Management, Dashboard InsightData Management Review, and many more. Lately however, I have shifted the focus of my writing, spending more time on matters of personal growth and spirituality.

a positive path

Inspired by Japanese culture and Zen, my Positive Path book contains short written meditations, accompanied by a painting or photo from my personal portfolio. There is nothing esoteric here, only encouraging words for living a productive life—one centered around health, humility and personal responsibility. [Scheduled to be available in 2019 on Itunes, Kindle, and more.]


"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit."

Napoleon Hill


If we are not happy or successful in the ways we wish to be, we must blame ourselves above all others.  Instead of wasting time and energy making excuses, we have no choice but to look directly in the mirror and understand how life is rewarding us or penalizing us based on our past personal choices and actions.


There are a number of ways that life could have turned out up to this point. However, life is what it is now because of who we have been. Our current reality simply reflects our inner thoughts and external actions.  And therefore the burden for dealing with any negative circumstances now falls to us, and only us. From today, we will do our best to confront the uncomfortable realities in our life head on, to be wholly accountable for our present circumstances.


Few of us have the luxury of being a perfectionist. Most things in life do not require perfection. When something has been accomplished “good enough”, it is probably time to let it be and move on to the next task. Perfect is the arch enemy of good.

Sample Chapters downloadable from here: A Positive Path

every day mindfulness


My first book, titled Every Day Mindfulness, was self-published in 2006. The book was enthusiastically received, as sales were recorded in 20 different countries; however, I opted to eventually halt its distribution.


Being a productive person is not only about doing things right, it is about doing the right things—tackling the important tasks first and deprioritizing the frivolous ones. We are all time poor. We have too much to do in too little time, which gives us no choice but to regularly tweak our to-do lists and review the progress we have made over the last few days or weeks. Have we seen an acceptable number of items through to completion recently? If the answer is “no”, the likely explanation is that we have fallen victim to procrastination when faced with tasks that may be uncomfortable.