Ambient Music Environments

My musical energies are now primarily focused on creating ambient music and sound environments which reduce stress, increase focus, assist healing, and enhance quiet times of reflection, meditation, and intimacy. (CD/LP & download formats.)

Night music

CD and LP available at a few select record stores in USA. Amazon and other distribution/download channels go live July 2019.

Here silence and sound share equal importance. Mellow drones supplement soft and distant Gregorian Chants, along with the most serene sounds of nature; soft piano and horns/winds trade gentle lines with an approaching rainstorm; micro-fragments of Hugo Wolf, Vaughan Williams, Richard Wagner, Beethoven, and others are recast and reimagined in the mellowest of ways. Recorded and produced in Tokyo Japan and New York City, with additional production in Europe from Thomas Rooster. 



In development. Release in 2019

Satori album cover - web resolution.jpg

Acoustic instruments from Japan and India combine with modern synthesizers, digital sampling, and heavily processed vocals and electric guitars—the result is uniquely ethereal and always soothing. This is music meant to calm the psyche from the stresses of the day and heal the spirit. Seriously relaxing!


Other Projects


I have created tracks for digital music boxes but have yet to find an acceptable partner for manufacturing. The Lacrymosa from Mozart's Requiem was my first music box creation; Debussy's Clair de Lune and the Lullaby of Brahms followed. Bach's famous Air and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata are next. (A file containing the track of Mozart's Lacrymosa can be found below. Please click. )



Homages to my hometown hero, Samuel Barber. Further interpretations of his music will happen when time permits.